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About Us

Our Philosophy

Anyone can point a camcorder and press Record. But it takes someone with an artistic eye to capture life’s
one-of-a-kind events with cinematic style and then pull just the right “wow” moments from the midst of  hours of raw footage. Our job is to tell the story of your wedding day or other special event with emotion and clarity. We capture the planned and the spontaneous, the touching and the humorous, and we deliver it all to your screen from a unique perspective that most people aren’t able to appreciate at the time it’s all happening. Life’s special moments only happen once, but we help you relive them for a lifetime.


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1412 Wilshire Pl. • Maryville, TN 37803
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Mitch Moore, Videographer

I launched this video production business in 2005 and have since created wedding video for dozens and dozens of newlywed couples from all over the country. I think the testimonials I’ve received over the years are a good indicator of how my clients have appreciated my taking a distinctive approach to creating wedding video.

My wedding videography also benefits from the fact that I am an independent filmmaker, having written and directed several award-winning films that have been screened at film festivals throughout the Southeast.

In addition to video production, I have nearly 15 years’ experience as a freelance writer and actor. I am strongly supported by my own bride of 10 years, Jennifer, and our two sons, Paul and Ian.