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This is just some of the feedback we’ve gotten in the last six years, showing how Studio M has become a favorite among couples seeking wedding videography in Knoxville and surrounding counties.

It was truly a pleasure working with Mitch. He was very open and receptive to what we needed from a videographer on our wedding day. And on our wedding day, he was patient and easy to work with. We barely knew he was there! However, he was obviously there, as he was able to beautifully capture our wedding. I would recommend Studio M to other couples looking to also have their wedding pleasantly and beautifully captured on video.

                Nikkiah Wyatt Smith - Washington, D.C.


Mitch was exceedingly professional and cooperative. Due to the site of the wedding and reception, there were some challenges, but Mitch made it all work, and the finished product was great! He also worked well with the still photographer and a very nervous bride. We were all very pleased.

                Sophia Metz - Maryville, TN

                Mother of groom Eric Metz

I just watched today, and it was wonderful. I was able to see many things I missed at the events, and I loved the special comments that Dustin and Anna made to each other. I am very satisfied and appreciate your thoughtfulness for Anna's dad. You were very professional and did more than we agreed on in all areas. You also brought a maturity to the video process, which I appreciate. 

                Pat Wilhoit - Greenback, TN

                Mother of groom Dustin Wilhoit

We are very pleased with the results. Thank you so much for capturing one of the most memorable moments of our lifetime. We are truly blessed to have found you, and you did a wonderful job capturing the moment.

                Tammy Freeman - Murfreesboro, TN


Oh my gosh, Mitch, I cried and laughed and loved every minute! It was so good, it met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!

                Amy Morrow - Knoxville, TN


We are so pleased with the video! It was very nice. We watched it several times yesterday. Everyone that has seen it really likes it too. It means a lot to us to have such a nice video to be able to show our family and friends that couldn't be there. It's so nice to have our special day captured on video, so that we can watch it whenever we want and for many years to come. On your wedding day, a lot of what happens is a blur, and it's so special to be able to watch it, especially for the first time, to see what all you missed and to see it from a different perspective. We are truly appreciative of the work you did. If you ever need a reference for a future customer please have them call me. I would be honored to tell them about the wonderful job you did.

                Angie White - Arden, NC


Mitch comes highly recommended and does excellent work. I first met him at my sister’s wedding as her videographer. After seeing the work he produced for her, I was thoroughly impressed and wanted to hire him for my wedding. Once again, he did not disappoint. Everyone that has seen our wedding DVD has enjoyed it. Mitch has a superb eye for shots and angles. Furthermore, everything he does flows very smoothly and his editing skills are clearly professional. I would recommend him to anyone for any occasion that they want recorded.

                Gavin Button - Cedar Rapids, IA


Mitch did an outstanding job at our wedding! He captured all the many details that we spent many months planning. He caught all the emotional memories a photographer can't, and he was very professional. Laura and I would definently recommend him to anyone who is getting married, as his product helps us relive the wedding day and will help us remember it for the rest of our lives!

                Josh Peeples - Steilacoom, WA


I loved the DVD! The cover, the music, the scenes, everything was awesome! You put such wonderful thought into putting our wedding day video together. And thank you so much for making the taping process un-intimidating! All of my guests commented on how kind and professional you were! Thanks again for everything. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone.

                Meghan Turvey - Harriman, TN



We love it! Excellent job!

                Kathy and Randy Bernard - Orlando, FL

                Bride and groom

I love them. I’m thrilled with the way you put them together.

                Melinda Beck - Knoxville, TN

                Mother of bride Amy Beck Eastman

I watched our wedding DVD and have to tell you how wonderful it is. You captured every special moment, but in addition, you put it all together in such a beautiful, professional way. From the background music to the beautiful sunsets you captured, the quality is absolutely amazing. We especially loved the bloopers at the end of the video. Please think of us if you ever need a recommendation. Your work is of the highest quality and to our surprise, you are the most affordable videographer in town. I will use you for every special event in our lives. Thanks so much for helping to create such a special memory of our wedding. No one could have done it any better!

                PollyAnne Crowder - Knoxville, TN


You were extremely easy to work with prior to the wedding, and your work was professional and confident. The video is great, with so many emotional moments captured. Thank you for all of your work on such short notice and providing us with such fond memories we will enjoy for a lifetime.

                Jenny Jacobs - Cumming, GA

                Mother of bride Sharon Jacobs

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